Classic not unscrewing??


So I recently got a Classic, and I was going to put a C bearing in it, but I can’t unscrew it. Help please!


I don’t understand…all you do is twist the halves.

If it’s not unscrewing, twist harder.


It’s not unscrewing.


Are you turning the yoyo half to the left? As in rim side down, take top half and then twist counter clockwise?

I’m sure you’ve taken other yoyos apart as a part of normal maintenance. I’m like 99% positive you’re twisting in the correct direction.


Um, I just saw you yesterday.

You bought it yesterday, right?

You just have to twist the halves like Studio42 said, I know you know how to unscrew it…


you just have to twist harder when i got my starlight i could not do it and then i handed it to my dad and he did it in no time flat just be sure that you are twisting the right way

hope this helps