Classic HSpin Pyro - which Pads (and Bearing) to get?

I want to fresh up my beloved Pyro.

Does anyone have a good recommendation wich pads and wich bearing i should get for the classic Pyro?

Size D Bearing:
Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing – YoYoExpert


YoYoExpert Bearing

And for the pads… the YoYo Wiki says “Dif e pads”.

Wich size would be recommended? I think about getting all sizes and experiment :slight_smile:

Dif-E-Yo DIF Pads – YoYoExpert

And just asking out of curiosity, are there any other pads besides the Dif-E that would fit?

Mmm dif pads. The good ol’ days.


Dif-e-yo bearing.

Pads: General-Yo Response Pads – YoYoExpert (thick smooth gen pad .555 size)
just place a pad on one side. On both sides it will be very snappy.
As a pyro lover, this configuration is perfect :innocent:


hej, thanks for the recommendation. Interesting idea, to only use one side… i will try that.

Why are you not recommending the dif pads? I think i will order them too and try out different setups…

I guess for the dif pads the .555 size is the correct one too than?

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i recommend the dif pads too! However, for my taste, the General Yo pads are much more durable, and using just one on one side already meets the need. And yes, dif pads .555 size is the correct one.


If you are going to use the dif pads, also try to use them only on one side. If the bind is not too responsive for your taste, apply on both sides and voilà :smiley:


will definitively gonna try that, thank you!!

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