Clash of The Ancients (A 30+ Video Contest)

(Nathan Martsolf) #1


  1. First, pay your $10 entry fee. Go to add this item to your cart and check out. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after. You may pay your entry fee prior to February 1st. Just for entering, all participants will receive a small string pack from ZipLine Strings, delivered by the middle of February.

  2. You may submit a video no earlier than February 1st and no later than March 1st.

  3. Videos may be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

  4. Music in videos must follow the same standards and rules as any stage contest. All music must be suitable and appropriate for people of all ages. When in doubt, choose a different song or a song that is just instrumental.

  5. Any yoyo style is allowed!

  6. You may only submit one video. Make it your best effort!

  7. Creativity and good editing is highly encouraged! Make it an enjoyable video to watch!

  8. Videos must include the sponsor banner somewhere in the video, for at least a 5 second duration. Click the link here for the sponsor banner-

  9. Please send video submissions via email to These will be collected and made into a playlist on “Let’s Talk YoYo”. You are strongly encouraged to share your video on your own YouTube channel and on any and all social media outlets you desire!

  10. There are a ton of awesome prizes-yoyos, strings, gift cards, and a cash prize!

  11. Our two guest judges are Doctor Popular and Mark Montgomery!

  12. There will be a variety of winning categories: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best edit, best banger, best combo, community choice, and perhaps a few more!


Feel free to ask any questions here or send them directly to me! Good Day and Good YoYo!

(Joshua) #2

Thanks for creating something cool. It will be rad having doc pop and markmont clicking.

Is this like ap can I pull a Charlie H?

(Nathan Martsolf) #3

Haha! You gotta do you!

(Nathan Martsolf) #4

Hey, everybody! Clash of The Ancients begins Friday! Show of hands, who’s entering the contest?


Planning on it!

(Joshua) #6

Is it a 2 minute vid?

And can we discourage post production? Lol

If marks clicking I’m out but will watch, and maybe still open for sponsors? PM

(Nathan Martsolf) #7

Two minutes is the max. This isn’t a freestyle contest, so I highly encourage editing your videos.

(Nathan Martsolf) #8


I wanted to take a minute once in awhile throughout this contest to showcase some of our incredible sponsors!

First up is none other than YoYoExpert! Can we just all take a moment and acknowledge how awesome YYE is?

When I first posted a feeler on my Instagram about this contest, Expert was one of the first to lend a hand in sponsoring. What I love about YYE is that they care about every aspect of the yoyo community, from big contests to, well, ones like this one!

Shortly after this contest ends, be sure to return here to the forums! There will be a poll for selecting the “community favorite”!

(Nathan Martsolf) #9


Let’s take a moment to recognize ZipLine Strings! There are a lot of people in the yoyo community who are passionate about this toy, but there are few as passionate as Jeremy Parker, owner of ZipLine Strings!

For all those who enter the contest, ZipLine is contributing a free pack of strings. How awesome is that!?

Make sure to check out all the rules for the contest (listed above). Please feel free to share info about this contest with others via your social media. I can’t wait to see your submissions!

(r/Throwers Mod.) #10

I really want to see this. I’ll bring raisins for everyone.

(Nathan Martsolf) #11

Primes are better. Lol

({John15}) #12

Did you mean prunes?

(Nathan Martsolf) #13

Yes! Thanks, autocorrect!


mmmmm prime numbers

(Nathan Martsolf) #15


Next up is the always amazing G Squared YoYos, owned and operated by one of the best guys in yoyo, Jacob Gross! Not only does G2 make good yoyos and sponsor cool players, :blush: they also support the scene in so many tangible ways.

On a personal note, Jake has always supported me in all my yoyo endeavors-he’s just cool like that. Thank you for being a sponsor for Clash of The Ancients, G Squared YoYos!

(Nathan Martsolf) #16


One Drop YoYos. Their reputation speaks for itself. Shawn and David are good people and they deeply love the yoyo community.

Thank you, thank you, One Drop for always being people of integrity and for supporting this niche community! And thank you for sponsoring Clash of The Ancients!

On a personal note, the Project 2 was my first metal. I wish I still had it. :frowning:


This is just the kind of thing I need to motivate me to video my original tricks!

The only problem for me is that I just started a new business in 2018, and it’s my first tax season. Really bad timing for me to get in practice, video, edit. Plus, I would want to do my own music. I was even going to cheat by using a Doc Pop element!

I wish the deadline was April 1st, but I know you don’t want to drag things out. I’ll try to squeeze it in…

Also, could you grade on a sliding scale? I’m 53… :laughing:


If we did get an extension, we could help each other record our tricks at the next meet-up. We should have done that Saturday!


I’m already deep into my video! Intro complete, outro complete and 6 days of throw footage!!!


You’re not supposed to say that out loud!