Clareview Station Blizzard Colour

I suggested the color, so i just wanted to know what everyone thinks about it. It sold out the fastest of the final run of the canvas. What do you guys think of it?

I bought one. I think it’s okay, I would’ve preferred regular Clareview Station.

Probably one of the best I have ever seen. The white speckle just perfects it. Now I just need a Canvas.

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I personally love it. Probably my favorite new colorway! Great idea my friend! I wish I had the opportunity to pounce on one but the play just doesn’t suit me as a slow throw. :-\

I love clareview station myself. I have 3 Clareview station chiefs alone and 2 other clyw of that color. Haha. I love it. Just thought the blizzard would look really cool over the splash

Don’t quote me on this but I think Chris is going to make it on a few more clyw’s

well good. Maybe the avalanche or AC. Seem to be what I’d like most right now lol. Or maybe the new gnarwhal

I personally prefer it to the regular Clareview. Wasn’t a fan of the original whereas I think this looks really nice.


I know you’re proud/excited, I think anyone would be… but please don’t go too overboard.

At any rate, it’s a gorgeous colourway.