Top 3 CLYW retired colourways you'd like to return?


Ok, pretty easy. What are the top three CLYW colourways of olden days you’d most like to see come back?

For me, and I’ll include some pics to get the thoughts flowing (non are my own…)

#1, by a MILE: Asteroid (photo:

#2, Red w/ Clear, as on Alex Berenguel Peak (photo:

#3, Wolf Lake. (photo:




Do they still do Clareview Station? If not, I’d really like to see that come back!


yea they still make it

(Owen) #4

I wouldn’t mind more maple drip…


Yeah, i just looked it up and it seems as if a Clareview BvM 2 is coming! After thinking for a bit, I would really love a new run of Shark vs Zombie Beaver BvM 2’s. I know a lot of people thought that colorway was ugly, but personally, I loved it.


I would like to see the silver with red black and I think grey speckle that was on the original BvM


I’d love to see more Reverse Hulk Smash.

Also, Wabamun Lake

and last but not least, Goosebay


This ^^


GOOSEBAY! Maple Drip and Some more return tops painted by Levi!


I third maple drip and vote frozen mammoth and grizzly bear clowntown


I’d like to see Chesterman Beach, Frozen Mammoth, and maple drips come back.


Awsome ideas! If you have the chance to post up pics with yer favorites, it will let the non-dedicated get a good look. :wink:



I didn’t even know about some of these colorways, but just looking at pictures of the ones mentioned, I’m sad they’re gone. :frowning:


Goosebay, Mother Earth, and Wolverine (which just made a comeback on the puffin! They don’t use this Colourway often because it doesn’t turn out perfect very often)


just old clyw splash.


Game over!

(WildCat23) #17



Maple drip!



And Clowntown, Goosebay, and Iron Man.


All the reverse colorways, Dino Egg, and the Shark vs Zombie Beaver