LF: Clareview Station CLYWs Will pay TOP DOLLAR


I’m trying to collect CLYW throws in the Clareview Station colorway. (dark blue with gold splash) I love Love Love this colorway and will pay/trade in your favor. As far as I know the only yoyos released in this colorway are the PEAK, Marmot, and the Gnarwhal. I’m willing to pay top dollar for these throws, if you have one just PM me your price and we will see if we can make a deal. I really want these throws in the CLAREVIEW STATION colorway so please PM me!!



Made a deal for a Peak so no longer looking for Clareview Peak. Also I got an offer for a Gnarwhal and am in negotiations for said Gnarwhal. looks like that deal will probably go through smoothly so I might not be looking for much longer but if you want to offer me one and name your price PM me. still looking for the marmot though. Haven’t had a single response about a Clareview Marmot so if you have one, please please send me a message.