LF: Clareview Station CLYW's

Hi all,

I collect the Clareview Station colorway but have been out of the loop on releases for the past few years so I’ve missed out on quite a few of CLYW’s newer yo-yos. As such I’m hoping to fill some holes in my Clareview Station collection.

I have cash to offer assuming prices are reasonable, not looking to break my wallet here, but if you are looking for trades let me know and I will tell you what I have available in that regard.

I’m interested in ANY Clareview CLYW, but won’t be buying older models that I already have in that color unless the price is very nice. I don’t want beaters, so please don’t offer those. Don’t really care about boxes, but if you have them I’ll take them. I DO care about the pins CLYW have been including with their newer releases, so if you have the pin for a yoyo you offer me please include it. But examples of what I’m after are:

Snow Lizard
Bear Trap

For the record I don’t even know which of these have been released in Clareview Station (like I said I’ve been out of the loop for a while) but I know at least some of them have been.

If you have something to offer, please name your price, and provide picture/descriptions of it’s condition.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Any help with finding some of these would be greatly appreciated.

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I yearn, I burn for Clareview Station throws. please hit me up if you have one.