Citizen gone with a Quickness!.

Citizen sold out in less than 4 minutes

When I logged on it said ‘17’

When I refreshed the screen it said ‘zero’

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I tried so hard to get one, I was at the last stage of my check out; when it said that it was out of stock. :-[ I wasn’t fast enough :’(

Yeah. I only saw 17 when I clicked. Does anyone know how many they started with?

When I saw these were sold-out at the overseas sites, I knew these would go fast. I hope everyone that wanted one got their chance.

I guess I know better though.

I think they were supposed to start with 15. But I assume they started with 17 because I don’t think anyone could have refreshed and checked out in the 7 or so seconds that it took me to refresh.

:o So is that it?! Anymore to be released?

FLASHBACK to getting my TiWalker…

They started with 17, I refreshed right as the timer hit zero. The number went from 17 directly to zero.

There are more at other retailers, but not much.

I hate everyone that got one. I also hate everyone who has the money to fork out on one… I also hate peas…

Just kidding. Peas aren’t that bad. Everything else is true though.