Chuck Taylors

Anyone have some wild Chucks? I have a pair of mid tops and a pair of leather All Star low tops.


I’ve got a pair of lows that are the 80s floral couch looking material. Not in town or I’d sanp a pic, I’ll update later with a photo


For life!

Low top chucks have been my go-to shoe since high school. Even have my dad’s from 1972 which I stole during sophomore year and still wear periodically. (My wife is not a fan lol.)
I mainly rotate between a somewhat-shredded black pair for skating etc or my “nice chucks” which are a slightly less beat pair of grays.


Got these off my wife. I love pink,sparkles, and rainbows. These tick the boxes.

They get worn for special occasions.

Or when I just feel a little over-the-top on any given day.


Darn, those have seen some days.


I remember getting 2 pairs of Chucks in grade school, a red pair for gym and a black pair for everyday. At the time (mid 80’s or so) they were cheap. Got made fun of because I had “cheap” shoes. I kept wearing them, always liked them. Converse did a pair of all leather versions with Nike I think, not like the leather they do now. These were full basketball shoes, played in those one year. I started collecting them at one point, John Varvatos variations and other limited runs, but black low tops have always been my favorites.


Who gives a crap if they’re cheap? They’re damn stylish.


The couch print all stars, and while they aren’t converse something about the ugly Christmas sweater Nike tennis’ makes me smile


Lol those are hilarious.

Chucks and skate shoes were pretty much all I’d wear up until a couple of years ago. I got fed up with the quality of chuck taylors. It seems like they have gotten really really bad or i’ve been extremely unlucky. I bought a pair two years ago and within the first month the sole came unglued. They refused to replace them so I repaired them myself and bought another pair somewhere else and the same thing happened. I’d say I’ve had probably 4 or 5 newer chucks that have completely fallen apart within the first three months of wearing them. I have pairs in my closet that are 15+ years old that are still holding up fine that I’ll still wear sometimes. It’s just crazy. :man_shrugging: so I stopped buying them for the time being. Maybe one day I’ll get another pair to see if they hold up longer.

The “newest-ish” pair I have are some of the All Star street mids in Olive green with the red interior. I cannot find a picture, they seem rare-ish i don’t wear them often because I wanted to keep them around for a while.

They are like this but olive green and red instead of black and red. ( I can’t find a picture of them!)

I have a pair in the double panel (black and grey) with white and black laces. But they are pretty bad now. The soles are chipping and I’ve had to glue the seams a couple of times i wore them a ton. The grey part has GWAR blood stains all over them too haha!

I still have these white all weather / water resistant all climate (or whatever they were called) ones with reflective accents and laces. They are pretty cool but the sole started coming unglued after they got wet from stepping into a puddle that was deeper than it looked, LOL! I really wanted the weather proof ones with the orange sole but they were a lot harder to find.

The rest that I have are classic blue lows that are the oldest pair, thy are at least 20 years old stained with GWAR blood. I don’t ever wear them because they are kind of special to me I don’t want to ruin them.

Then there’s the pair of raspberry lows that I dyed with brown rit dye. They turned out to have this weird funky brown ish pink and black hue. It’s kind of cool, they are virtually indestructible. I’ve gotten them wet, wore them in the mud, rode my motorcycle with them on and who knows what else. They’ve held up for years too. They are probably my third oldest pair.

Then I have classic black and white ones, black on black ones… etc. I’d say I probably have 8 or 9 pairs including the ones listed above.


That’s super strange for Converse to have such low quality. I’ve had the same pair of mid tops for 2 years now and the pair before that I bought used and had them a year and the pair before that I had for years. I have the mid tops and some All Star leather low tops that are very nice. I’m really wanting a pair of the classic black with white high tops but they’re proving to be an extremely desirable shoe.

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