Chrome plated yoyos.

Don’t no nothing if there has bene ever any chrome plated yoyos but from what I’ve heard is that chrome plating where done on the material makes it heave and shiny if treated with nickel. What manufacturers can do is 1. Obviously make a light yoyo and chrome plate it or 2. Which is my thinking or idea is they attach stainless steel ring on yoyos so the weight is outwards and making the yoyo stable. Instead of attaching a ss ring they can chrome plate the rims that makes the rims heavier hence the yoyo is heavier outwards. There are two types of chrome plating one is the shiny one treaded with nickel and the second one is more strong and heavy. Here are some of my confusions that how much does crome plating costs and chrome plating happens when you soak the material in chromium and other materials so if you soak the rim part wherent the chrome plating will go in to the cup region? And do you guys have any ideas that how can chrome or chrome plating be house on yoyos in which manner.

…yea, I’m not going to try to read that mass of barely punctuated text…

but if you’re question is are there chrome plated yoyos… then yes, there have been a few.


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mullicabob that looks awesome!

^ Cleaned up slightly just for ease of reading, hope you don’t mind.

I definitely think that using heavier plating on the rims of a yoyo is an interesting idea. Knowing very little about plating I’m not sure whether it would actually work, but I’d be interested to see someone give it a try. :slight_smile:


Isn’t chrome plating generally really thin? I don’t think it would make a lot of difference in the weight.

Typically yes.

Highly toxic to humans while plating also.

Then my alien body shall be able to handle it.

Don’t let not being able to pass through a metal detector stop ya!

Format C?

I never have in the past wink

Can you name a few.

Yea I don’t mind and thanks for cleaning it up.


Is that a Benchmark?

either that or Format C is what it looks like

He’s already told you what it is lads:

It’s a ‘50cal’ by the company ‘Bare Knuckle Yoyos’.


Oh I thought those were 2 different yoyo’s