Christmas Gift


So a little back story first… I’ve been throwing for almost three years now and do it pretty much all the time work, home, out and about etc… I got married this last September and my wife and I are expecting our first baby in June. We exchanged gifts today and my wife got this awesome Christmas gift which I thought i’d share since people on here may appreciate it more than others.

(Waylon) #2









How cute, your own onezie. :wink:


That is soooooooooo awesome!!! I want one for my 5 month old! Where did your wife buy that at?!


There is some website you can go to and make your own custom onsies… i’ll have to ask her and then i’ll post it.


I have a six month old grandson. I need one!

Congrats on the little one as well!


Awesome! My 3-month-old seems to enjoy watching me yoyo, too. Although, it’s not always enough to soothe the raging beast.

Super cute onezie, and great that your wife could have predicted you’d love it so much. :wink:




Haha i love that. Atleast your wife is on board with your yoyo obsession :slight_smile: i know some peeps wives dont like it…


I just teared up :’) that’s so cute! I want one where did your wife get it?


Congrats on the baby and the rad wife. We should all be so lucky.


Okay so the website she used to create this thing was

Thanks for all the replys and Happy Holidays