Chris Neff is my Hero

Happy Birthday Chris Neff.

Chris is a yo-yo hero. He and Steve helped bring about a new whirled order with How To Be a Player.

Talented teacher and demonstrator, yo-yo and spin top expert, skilled contest judge and club organizer. When Chris isn’t rustling emus or posing for counter weight sculptures, you might find him teaching spin top classes at Go Big Skill Toys.

Word up, Chris Neff HUGE HAPPY Bdays to you, hope it is one of the best ever. :o :o ;D
All you lil scrubs should pay some respect, this is one of the guys that helped take yoyo play to where it is today and no props are given ? Shame.
Ill just leave that as is, and repeat my hope that Chris and family are doing well, Blessing be upon you and yours bro.
Thanks for being a yoyo pro when it wasnt so ‘cool’ to be a yoyo pro.
And that video, talk about a lifeline for a solitary thrower(I live in the boonies), that was cool as all heck.
When I throw, I try to combine Chris sense of flow into all my game, the guys just got style.
Plus hes a freak with a spintop too. Look him up young ones learn of yoyo’s heritage and lineage, there are many many that came before the current crop of hotties.
Peace & Love

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Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy birthday! Or at least belated b-Day

Wow and my b day to. Although I doubt that matters due to his contributions to the yoyo world. Happy Birthday man. I doubt the yoyo world would be the same without.

Good points, all…
Chris was certainly one of the earliest of the ‘cooler’ yo-yo pros… I’m not sure I know what that means, but I believe it!
The thing that always impresses about the people that were competing back then is that they were not only great players, but they were awesome demonstrators. When How To Be a Player was made, practically everybody was ‘in the boonies’ as far as advanced yo-yo play was concerned. Chris and Steve have always made the time to help beginners and promote having fun with yo-yos, and that has developed into lots of what you see going on today, no doubt .