Chief vs Puffin

Any Preferences?

Pros and Cons of each throw:

Worth the price?


They’re just two different throws. Nobody in their right mind would give an extremely in-depth comparison without knowing the criteria you want compared. Luckily, several people on this forum are not in their right minds, so you might luck in. :wink: :smiley:

The Chief is an amazing stable all-arounder. It does pretty much everything, and does it well.

The Puffin isn’t as diverse, but in my opinion that’s its charm. It’s a very comfortable mid-diameter throw that’s stable yet feels light.

Overall, I find the Puffin more “fun” than the Chief, but I would trust the Chief with more tricks. :wink:

I used Chiefs exclusively until I got the puffin proto from Chris.
Chiefs are like super good and probably easier to handle, one of the best yoyos on the market.
I wanted something like it but a little more nimble that has a smaller diameter(for better chopstick performance and folding gates) while keeping the width, take that and add the comfy shape of the peak and you have the Puffin.

I made a promo video for the puffin a few days ago, you should check it out

hope this helps!

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Thanks Palli!!! I didn’t think a pro would comment. :o I’m soo starstrucked… I watched this vid more than I could recall. Soo pro. LOL.