ChicoYo-YoCompany- New signature series Yoyo UPDATE! pictures!


ChicoYoYoCompany has been in the dark since they started selling yo-yo’s, they have made a total of 18 yoyos, and have 6 players on their contest team. 2 of the newest yo-yo’s (S.U.V., and ZRO) are the signature yo-yo’s of Sam Ungerer(S.U.V.) and Zac Rubino(ZRO), The newest yo-yo in the makes is the MME. Team member Mike Marshall’s new signature yoyo (MME) has a simple profile design with lots of center weight. With a unique twist in the middle, never done before, the two bowl design allows for intense horizontal grinds and a whole new style of yo-yoing. The first debut will be at the U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest, but ill also be selling online! lets get hype for this new yoyo guys, [u][b]************



Aren’t you Mike Marshall…?

(Owen) #3

Yeah he isss


If they want to make a good horizontal grinder (something I’ve very much interested in), then why expose the axle?

And how about a gap shot?


it looks like the bowl shape thing will make it so that the axle won’t be very noticeable. very interesting though, I am excited to hear about how that hub design thing works out!


ill post a gap pic tonight, and exposing the axle makes no difference with the horizantal grind ability because it is smaller than the total thread


Ahh, ChicoYo-yo’s truly a marvelous brand I loved the Route 66 so i’m sure this release will be nothing short of epic.


any ideas on ho to get this yoyo more out into the community anybody?


Send the yoyo out into the community.


Yes…I’d like to see how other Chico Yoyos play. My Manimal plays like a rock. A smooth rock, but still a rock.


Andrew clark should get a sig ;D


The new line of chico yoyos have been designed to come out smopoth fun to play with and to be used in contest like the SUV and MME , your “smooth rock” yoyo is a thing of the past, come try the new ones at nats or almost any regional this upcoming year!


fist release will be at the US national yoyo contest!


If they make more XLs then I’ll buy one!


This is about the mme not XL…


Wow, I’d like to test this one out.

(Chase Baxter) #17

I’ve had the same idea in my head since Worlds but I didn’t think it would work out :slight_smile: How does it play? Any problems because of it or is it all good?


the design works out great and the yoyo is now in stores and will soon be coming online!


Thanks for letting me play this at Nationals. Simply an amazing playing yoyo. I see “winner” and “top seller” all over this.

I gotta get me one of these ASAP!!


they are currently on sale in some stores and soon coming online!