ChicoYo-YoCompany- New signature series Yoyo UPDATE! pictures!


ChicoYoYoCompany has been in the dark since they started selling yo-yo’s, they have made a total of 18 yoyos, and have 6 players on their contest team. 2 of the newest yo-yo’s (S.U.V., and ZRO) are the signature yo-yo’s of Sam Ungerer(S.U.V.) and Zac Rubino(ZRO), The newest yo-yo in the makes is the MME. Team member Mike Marshall’s new signature yoyo (MME) has a simple profile design with lots of center weight. With a unique twist in the middle, never done before, the two bowl design allows for intense horizontal grinds and a whole new style of yo-yoing. The first debut will be at the U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest, but ill also be selling online! lets get hype for this new yoyo guys, [u][b]************