New Chico Yo-Yo Company Bull Dog 225

Chico, California is home of the National Yo-Yo Museum, The National Yo-Yo Contest, and of course, Chico Yo-Yo Company! Chico Yo-Yo Company has been producing some amazing, competition level yo-yos for a few years now and it all started with the Bull Dog.

The small yet powerful Bull Dog was their first throw, and now, after 4 years they have redesigned it to bring it up to par with the current level of play expected by yo-yo players. This is the Bull Dog 225!

The Chico team went back to their roots and updated the classic Bulldog to reflect the current trends in play style. They started with the same comfortable and organic profile that made the original so popular, the diameter was increased to 2.25 inches (hence the 225 moniker) from the original 2.00 inch design and the width also grew to maintain proportion with the increase in diameter.

The boost in size increases the stability, spin time, and overall performance - Making the Chico Bull Dog 225 a true competitor in any competition!

I don’t mean any offense to Chico but that looks terrible.

As a yoyo, it looks fine, but the color is what is bad.

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Really don’t want to sound mean, but that looks like someone specifically set out to create the worst color way of all time. I mean just do a solid color or something in the future.

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The colorway is someone having diarrhea in the ocean…

I think you guys are missing their vision. They are going for that old school hot rod “patina”.

Something like this:

I love the “barn-find” styling, but there are a few aesthetic flaws in your design keeping this throw off of my wants list…

My suggestion would be to lose the green. Keep it just teal and “rust”. I feel as if the green detracts from the effect.
I would also get rid of all of the text on the yoyo. I honestly mean no offense by this… It is just my personal preference, but your font choices feel tacky to me. It would look super clean if there was just a small bulldog logo off to one side. You could also make the logo look old and chipped to add to the patina theme.

Here is a rough idea for my suggestion:

I actually like that color…

Same here… It has a rusted look, and I personally want to pick up at least one.

Can’t Unsee!

I loved my original BullDog. Same color way; which I though was really nice. The Bull Dog was one of the best all-around throws of its time. Nice weight, nimble and solid on the end of the string.

Every time I look at the profile of the 225, I can’t help but wish this had a bit more width. Just a visual preference though; I have never thrown the 225.

Can anyone comment? How does this compare with the spirit of the original?

I think the rust looks good