Chico Bulldog - Review
For the last two years (apx), I have been doing by best to make my way to Chico at least once a month and help out with the Saturday Yo-Yo Club. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy the company of some of the finest yo-yoers in the world and the heads of the National YoYo League. About a year ago, Thad (Thad Winzenz National YoYo Master) started showing me prototypes of an unnamed yo-yo he was working on. Over the year the yo-yo evolved with input from myself and frequent club members and emerged as a raw prototype undersized yo-yo. I dug it, and suggested a few minor tweaks. Two weeks ago, Thad put the finished Bulldog in my hands. Designed by a National Yo-Yo Master, and influenced from a club attended by some on the greatest yoyoers around, the Chico Yo-Yo Company consisting of Bob, Thad, and Richie, have finally released the Bulldog.

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wow, man awesome review! awesome yoyo.