Undersized yoyos

I have been playing with some decent sized yoyos recently like the JPX and Draupnir, but I was looking for an undersized yoyo like the Messiah, but still sold

In stock at YYE:
http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1078/RecRev-Neuae (only in purple)

If I had to get something in stock it’d be one of those.

There’s also the werrd minute which is 52.5mm

Find a SPYY Supra. Still one of if not the best undersized yoyos i’ve ever played.

Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist is also available at YYE, B-grades. Lots of rim weight, a very fun throw




I dont have any money ATM so…

Is the Sputnik a good undersized yoyo

You have money for a Sputnik but not a six?

I have a six for sale for less than 70$. Mib

no Im just asking I have no money, I will have the money for the six by around June 10 I would totally buy it. Do the outer rims hurt?

I think i’ll just go totally opposite and grab a horizon


i see, fair enough.

Man i dont even know I might but something small or big im confused