Chico zro

The zro looks sweet. :o Does anyone know when it comes out ???

I read about this awhile ago and from what I heard is that it was made especially for zack to compete with. I have not heard anything about production of it though :’( It does look like a sweet yoyo, I like playing me some 4A myself. Off topic but I just got the C3 Solar off-string yoyo and it is so good, 100% Delrin. Best off-string yo I’ve ever had.

Have you tried the new fiesta?

i want it

No I have not tried the new fiesta :-. I’m kinda burned out on yoyojams new offstring yoyos, the Extreme is awkward and too big and I dont like the slim C bearing on the Equinox. But the Fiesta XX does look promising and I will probably check it out. Do you like it?

I love it. ;D