chico yoyo company strings (and other supplies)?


Hey guys, I live in Chico ca, so I go to bird in hand (official yoyo place or something) and they have all the yoyos, and all brands. So I don’t buy online, I don’t buy from there. And the only strings they have are Chico co strings, are those just as good? They have good bearings, so that’s not an issue. And does it really matter what axel you get? And, I didn’t check, but I think they might only they also have Chico pads (if those are real).are those good? Thanks.


Chico pads are identical to CBC pads, k pads and any slim 19mm size pad. Chico makes good stuff I would worry about their accessories


Why don’t you just walk into one of their Saturday club meets and just talk to people? All are welcome and I bet nearly anyone would enjoy trying to help you out.

If I had to judge the strings based on what came with my Heavy Hitter 3, I’d be looking for different strings myself. I don’t care for their stock strings. I also didn’t care for their bearing as it shipped when I got the Heavy Hitter 3 as it was lubed up pretty good with grease. I cleaned that bearing out, and then it was great. I’ve been told that Chico has changed vendors for their bearings so this problem of heavily lubed bearings is resolved.

Why are you asking about the axle? It comes with the yoyo. Unless it breaks or bends, you’re not going to need another.




I should ask somebody… Also I meant like they sell center tracs, kon kaves, Buddha ripple, etc.
And Im asking about the axel just in case i ever need a new one.


I have no idea what their inventory is. if I don’t see what I’m looking for, I ask. Worse case is I get an answer saying often along the lines of “we don’t have that”, which I may follow up with “well, then what bearings do you have” unless they already offer alternatives.

I’d say buy one or two of every bearing that interests you and see what you find is the best for you in a particular yoyo.

As far as the axle is concerned, you might be able to hit the hardware store and find a suitable replacement in the form of a set screw.