chessey pic-up lines

You sir, are my hero.

lol These are great. And since I’m having that feeling of uncertainty of what to type next, instead of thinking about it and having some mild anxiety for the next few minutes,

If I asked you to go on a date with me, would the answer to that question be the same as this one?

Works every time.


Me: You wanna go get some pizza, and then make out?
Girl: O.o
Me:What? You don’t like pizza?

Lol XD

Took me a little while to get that one…

If you were a sliding door I’d bang you all day long.

Not a very appropriate thing to say. Remember there are children (CarlG.) on this forum

Just kidding Carl were bffffffff’ss

Raph: Hi
Chloe: Hi
Raph: do you like food?
Raph: Will you go out with me (Saying really fast right before she says “yes” to the food question)
Chloe: Yes. Wait, no I meant yes to the…
Raph: Great! (like tony the tiger)
Chloe: WHy u say liek tiger?
Raph: Because I’ve got tiger blood. Duh, winning.
Chloe: What the…

To all of the non-math geniuses here, let me finish his sentence: If I were your derivative, I would be tangent to all of your curves.

i got this one off a cartoon show and used it a while later :slight_smile:

ME: Do you have a map ?

GIRL: No…why ?

ME: Cause baby i keep getting Lost in your eyes 8)

See this is why I left the function pic up line off the forum.

“Do you know what the difference between molestation and camping is?”


“well… since you don’t know, wanna go camping?”

Do you think I need my library card? Cause I’m checking you out.

throws bucket of cheese at her

how’s that for cheesy