check this out. potential collab in the works

this is really cool whoever it is i know the yoyo is goingto be great and like bbq said a collab with recrev would be awesome

Sounds to me like one drop.

lmb(utt)o Heath already said it wasn’t with OD

Code 1 and the Skywalker would be an amazing throw! Maybe a future project? (hopefully!!!)

if i had my choice i would love to do a collab with OD for some SE Sky Walkers

i mean, im just saying :wink:

Perhaps a VsNYYC x General - Yo collab? God Bless - Moefv

Ooohh mygosh a full sized SkyWalker with the General Yo finish and the guts <3



Foxland Precision

Yes…I’m betting it’s with Foxland Precision

Yeaaaahhh. Katz MEeeeowwww

Crucial. DELwalker.

Is it a collab design or an ano job done by another manufacturer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please just tell us!!! We are all dying to know what company! I can’t stand the suspense any longer!

My thoughts on this:

A Skywalker with a cheif. Brings more weight in the right spot. So that’s what I’m going with.

One drop collaboration would be sick don’t get me wrong but a bad idea. Here’s why i think that. Say you put SE on a walker. You couldn’t make enough for the entire community for one. You would have to pay one drop to manufacture them and that in a way is profit sharing. If you allow people to change the weight on the walker, you can bury the original cuz it will be done and outdated.

Ok so my thoughts are coming out jumbled. Try again ghost.

Even if you sold them at lets say $175, you still couldn’t keep them on the shelf and you would have to share that profit with one drop in a way. If the SE walker came out, them there would no longer need to be an old walker. Now your sharing your profit with one drop and killed one of your best Sellers. I think it would be awesome to have a SE Walker but I feel you would be shooting yourself in the foot so to speak.

Now if you brought back a YoYo you no longer have in production and put SE on that, (like the flying hut or one of your concepts that never made it to production), then you might have something and you don’t hurt your current endeavors.

Just my thoughts.

Hmmm could be clyw, Watson fetch me my Violin ! Chris is awesome, he does over work himself, the collab with c3 is already finished and is dropping August 5th at worlds, the release will be here soon, the avalanches are basically done (saw a picture on instagram of alec Campbell and 2 avalanche colorways I’ve never seen before berry berry and shiny gold) Heath did he was going to try something, so why not double rims? It’s basically the crave right now, c3, avant garde 2, chief, glacier express, artic circle,Etc. Not to mention double rims would look like awesome on a skywalker, (note: from here on out is personal opinon and my take on it)however I’m guessing they will bump up the diameter to the 53-56mm area so the diameter accepts the double rims nicer, weight will probably be a tad heavier seeing as though double rims are being added and i believe add more weight to the center? Not completely sure there, if that is correct, for added stability weight will be placed on the rims. So I believe the stats will 53mm+ and 66-69g hopefully no more. Then again it could not be clyw and this idea is pointless ;D, whoever it might I’m sure will be an awesome collab, Personal I’m waiting for the septopus to drop in september,it’s gonna be dope

i would really like it to be recrev but it is probably not


Anti Yo?

G Squared?

and in my dreams String Theory

Not One Drop, not CLYW, not Anti-Yo. That’s all I’ll say for now…