check this out. potential collab in the works

if you cant read that due to not having a FB or whatever, just comment on this thread. that should suffice for what i would like to do

the message reads

so, i just drew up a collab design for another VERY well know home brew maker. it started out as a “I wonder how this would work?” and turned into a “Oh my GOD!!!” making a pretty rendering package to show them right now, but i was hoping to get some fan support for backing that you guys actually wanna see a collab from VsNYYC

It’s a cross between the Sky Walker and one of their yoyos. If this project actually happens you guys may indeed piss kittens…I know I will

I don’tdo facebook

Do I suspect word play?

I’m calling it:


i can promise this. the community will freak if this goes down :slight_smile:

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The words are not whispering 3yo3… Read carefully I think there are clues and I am excited.

Give us a hint! Is it a Canadian company?

Anti yo?

I’m gonna say CLYW. Aren’t they involved an a majority of collabs? Furthermore, I’m going to guess it’s a slightly modified Skywalker with Chief rings.

I really was thinking CLYW, but the fact that they’re collaborating with C3 makes it seem less likely that they are doing two collabs at once.

I’d say Skywalker X Dynamo from SPYY


Is it GSquared?? that would be awesome too


ALL of these ideas sound pretty awesome!!!

hopefully it lives up to you guys’ expectations.

I think I saw the CODE in this PROJECT.

this is excitingly awesome

lol, even though that is there, ill just stop you before it gets out of hand

its not with OD

though that would be pretty cool

Fingers crossed for the future.

Hmm. GOD Tricks?
Lol sniffy-yo because he saves kitties
yoyofactory or yoyojam haven’t done a collaboration in a long while
Rec Rev?