Check out my blog!!!!!!!!!!

HEY guys

i have a blog about yoyos, its nothing like yoyoexpert but its still pretty cool!!
check it out! is the website

blogs are cool ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

You should set it so people can comment on your blog posts. If people can’t interact they usually will stop coming back. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

ok ill do that

On the 5a videos all the tricks are morpheus.

i know its really weird i cant figure out how to fix that
and epic888 why do you say that???

Dont take it to heart Johnny, Hes just a troll.
I like youre site =D

No no no, you will probably fail. :stuck_out_tongue: No but seriously, why did you say that? Did you think it would be funny or something because it’s not, it is really just rude. I thought his blog was pretty cool. Good job Johnny Rocks! Some constructive critisism if I may: Just maybe more info and exciting updates. And I like how you are posting videos! Maybe you should post a video a day that you think is the best video of the week. Kinda like yoyoskills. :slight_smile:

                                                                                       James Reed!

thanks Stephen and James you guys rock!!!
and epic888 what’s your problem your actually on a lot of threads giving BAD ADVICE and saying RUDE things. The yoyo community is supposed to kind, helpful, and supporting
I’d fell terrible if i even gave advice that’s maybe not 100% correct. Why do you do this. >:( ??? >:( ??? >:( ??? :frowning: :frowning:

Let’s change this to actually adding constructive criticism about the blog. I’ll start. I would recommend spelling modifications correctly. Unlike some sites you at least have a decent background. That deserves a couple of points. You should try to broaden your horizons when it comes to yo-yo videos. It is a little silly to just post all of Andre’s trick tutorials. Vimeo also has higher quality videos than youtube.

i dont know if you noticed mrcnja but there are tags to what is witch like Andre’s training videos where in the training videos section. On the bottom left hand corner of my blog are tags.
I got a great idea from James to do a video of the week so as of now the videos are not only Andre’s training vids