Cheap Kendamas

What is the best Kendama for around $20-30?

I love natty Sol’s and KenCo Zen’s.


About two weeks ago I got a Sweets Focus. The Stained complete. It’s awesome and hasn’t given me any trouble yet :slight_smile:

There’s so many kendama choices in the 20-30 range. You’ve got a most of the Sweets line, most of KendamaUSA, Ozora, KendamaCo, TK16… You can even get Kendama USA Jumbos for 30 now.

It’s kind of the same as with yo-yos, everyone has their personal favorite and you don’t really know what you’ll like best until you’ve tried a few. When in doubt just pick the one that looks cool!

Yes, I was looking at those, but they don’t come with a ball. Any balls for sale only?

My brother has a Yomega and we both have Catchy Airs so it’s not like I have broadened my horizons as far as kendamas go. To me, they are all the same. What are the differences in them?

No tamas sold individually at this time, but complete stained kendamas available here:

Two of the major differences that affect play are Tama finish (natural, painted, silk, rubberized, etc) and weight.  All of the different kendama companies have slightly different ken designs as well, but starting out you won’t really notice those differences.

The more you play with kendamas the more you will find what your favorite setup is.

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Right now, I am looking at that Sweets Focus Kendama. Looks like a good kendama great price.