chaz pads


my m1’s pads were really wore out,so I put some k-pads in.I dont like the fell of them on my m1 so,are chaz pads good?or are dif-e-yo pads good too?I know its all about preference but what would you think its better


Apparently, Chaz pads give sloppy binds at first, and generally don’t feel as grippy as other types of pads. As they break in, they are supposed to be really bog, give tight binds, and not snag as they go on.
I havent heard much on Dif-pads


I absolutely love Chaz Pads, and tend to run them in everything I own.

In the interest of fairness, let me say this…

Chaz Pads are REAL light on binds. They provide a very unresponsive yo-yo, at the cost of requiring a real perfected binding technique. Folks often cite that Chazzies give a “sloppy” bind, and that’s the reason why. You’ll need to learn to drop really small loops with an aggressive pull to bind with these, but it’s completely worth it IMHO.

The odd thing about Chazzies is they seem to become “snappier” the longer they’ve been played. Not sure why this is, but it’s noticeable. Most people expect a pad to work this way fresh, and get progressively sloppier as time goes on. Not so much with these. Of course, that’s normally when I change them out. :wink:

One of the best things about Chaz Pads is that you can run them on both sides of yo-yos that normally end up being played with one side response. I have both sides Chazzed on my Spyder, my Pyro, and Pyro Light. Good even binds, and not a hint of snagginess.


thanks,I will get some in that case,anyone know if its worth getting dif pads?