I’m new to this forum, and I was wondering what the chat thingy is. I’ve looked at it a few times, but nobody is posting anything, even though there are 12 users online all the time.
I’m not sure what section to put this in.

People are always in the chat hun…
But some people log on and leave their computers with an open chat tab. We might not immediately respond but give it a bit, things tend to pick up quite a bit during certain hours. ^ ^

And we are more than glad to answer any questions and give any advice we can offer : )



there’re a bunch of us active on chat right now!

Thanks, I guess i just didn’t look at the right time. Also, How do you change the name that you show up as. I always get changed to unidentified3467 or something

never mind. Pat condon showed me

I’m bored can anybody chat

I got kicked out of the chat. That made my feelings hurt.

Yea I was there

Some kids are too sheltered. They can’t enjoy a friendly hazing.

Hun, you came in and blatantly stated offenses against a member, and members of their family. When told to stop, you told off a higher up in the chat room, to which you were met with a ban.

You brought it upon yourself.


A blatant disregard for not only rules, but manners in general will get you kicked or banned. Don’t you even try to make a fuss about this and blame it on anyone but yourself.

You have no sense of humor. I read that and it makes me laugh every time :D. By the way robbie started it. He called yoyos stupid. I had to rough him up a little after that. When you get overly mad at jokes and are super strict with rules it just makes yoyoers look so nerdy. Rules? Who actually follows them in the real world? :wink:

Your attitude is not needed in the chat, seeing your responses here, it is made the choice of the moderators even more solid.


I don’t want to start anything beyond what’s already occurred, but everyone you’re like to meet follows the rules in the “real world”. You’re welcome to dispute that, but I promise it won’t get you anywhere.

Wow. People are getting irritated with me. :slight_smile: I’m an awful person :frowning: I should take everything serious :-\ like you outstanding citizens. :smiley:

Sorry for ever trying to include jokes and tomfoolery into the chat, from now on it will just be about puppies and yoyos… April fools! :smiley:

Watch this

This is what all you fools need to do

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Calling us fools will get you nowhere. Please stop, it is not needed on the forums either.

Thank you.


Calling little boys ‘Hun’ isn’t needed either… just sayin

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Thanks Big SkyHighYo. Gettin my back.

Nobody understands me :’(. I doubt Robbie took any offense to what I was saying and he is supposed to be the victim here. Your obsessive need to monitor and keep track of every rule in the rule book is the real thing that needs fixing.

He and I were talking like regular boys on the school yard and you come in like that annoying teacher and mess up our good fun. I was just kiddin around.

Also, thanks for posting what I wrote in the chat on this forum. That makes it even funnier! :smiley: