Charles Haycock's Unwinding Green Triangle Tutorial


I said about a month ago that I’d make a tutorial for this trick and here it is. It’s something quick I put together. Hopefully it helps a few of you. You definitely want to watch this in at least 720p to really see what’s going on.


I appreciate that you took time to make a tutorial :slight_smile:


Oh wow. I’ve been doing almost this same exact trick for like 3 weeks, just getting into it a different way. I just never decided to throw the loop around like that. Funny. :smiley:


The double unwinding loop is what makes the trick. Watching that part sold me on doing everything possible to learn that trick. Kinda hard to hit, but very cool looking when you do hit it.


Right now I’m having trouble getting it to twist around the whole way so there won’t be any wraps. I can usually only get it to untwist once. Nothing is pinched at that point, right?


If you look at the way my throw hand is positioned before the slack loop is thrown, you will see that my throw hand has the palm facing up. That is important. For the first wrap you want to throw the loop kind of hard so it goes all the way around your hand. To get the extra “oomph” to get it to unwrap the second time, you want to quickly rotate your throw hand (that should still be palm up) 180° as the loop comes around to give it that extra push to make it up and over the 2nd time. After catching the loop with your NTH Index finger both of your hands should be facing downward.

That is the one part of the trick I knew I’d have trouble capturing because it happens kind of fast and I have no way of slowing it down.




Oh, I get it. Thanks!


Did you get it?


I can get it to spin all the way around now with pretty much no problem. Just catching the loop when it does come around instead of letting it come around until the whole formation is sitting on your throw hand is where I’m having some difficulty. Either way, I kind of like the kind of bucket dismount that Chuck does better instead. ;D I’m not going to stop trying to learn how to catch it consistently though. I feel like I should probably learn that too, just in case. :slight_smile: