Charge your iPhone from a yo-yo?

(JM) #1

Check this thing out:

It’s a concept, not a prototype. The idea is that you convert the mechanical energy from the spin of the yo-yo into electrical energy to charge an iPod or iPhone. Cool idea. Full article can be found here:

(SR) #2



Yeah, its a cool concept. I don’t know if its real though, I saw this a long time ago.

(SR) #4

There is something like this on eBay. Look up “Apple Yo-Yo” on ebay. It’s an abble yo-yo charger. Cool!

(JM) #5

Doing more research, apparently it is real. It even has an on-board Li-Po to store the generated energy. awesome.


Hot diggety I’d be walking down a mall and someone would ask me, “Scuse me sir, could you help charge my phone?”

That’s a dream.

It also seems that the outer shell is “hubstacked”


Whoa I would like one of those. It’s probably fairly heavy though… if only I had an iPhone or iTouch to use it on :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

it sounds fun. Haha

(marcusWsteadman) #9

If it spun when it was plugged in wouldn’t just git tangled and possible rip it out of the plug? But very interesting though.


Well you wouldn’t be spinning it with a cord in it.

(marcusWsteadman) #11

Ohhh, maybe I should stop being so lazy and read more. :wink: I’m very lazy today.

(JM) #12

when I looked at the wiring diagram, they made it look like you could charge it while the yo was sleeping. Think of it like hubstacks on an 888.


Oh that’d be cool. I didn’t even look at anything besides the title and was just guessing =).


you might spin the yoyo so it can get energy then you might plug it in and it sucks the energy from the yoyo to the iphone or itouch