Yoyo charger kickstarter

I think many people have had this idea before but never did anything about it. Good for them that they got this far but doesn’t look that great to me. Suspicious that they don’t show any actual yo-yoing just dropping the yoyo which I doubt could create any energy really. Take a look at the video, I enjoyed it.


Yeah I’d like to see some real tricks on this. I mean yo-yos can actually spin, like fast. So seeing them not spinning fast is a little weird.


The next YoYo boom perhaps? You can never have enough cellular battery power in your pocket. Until pocket Fusion is a thing.


If they made one that could legit create enough power to charge your phone I truly believe it would create a boom.

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I have so many mixed emotions. :joy:

I think it’s very that the people are so surprised when their batteries die… Like, have you not learned this happens? :joy:

And it’s very they didn’t adjust the string to the kiddo’s height! You’re suppose to do that…

It says it’s solar powered but you keep it in your purse/pocket so absolutely no sunlight can hit it? It shows the users throwing it down then in a split second it’s wound up off their finger and back in purse/pocket? How does it come back up? How long does it last?

I don’t know, it seems impractical, just charge your phone before you leave your house so you don’t get stranded…

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Great concept, but I’m not sold on this thing. Also it weighs 100+ grams!!! :muscle:t3:


I don’t like it >.<’

I’m probably just a grump


I don’t think it’s meant to be more than just a charger. The inside cuts look pretty painful. I have a radio that has a hand crank to charge up internal batteries and man, it takes A LOT of cranks to get it charged. I have several external batteries ($10) that I can get 3-4 full charges to my iPhone from. But hey, maybe this will be a hit! I just carry an external battery in my edc man purse. I’d love to see some real people review this gadget.


1000 or 1200mAh…

He does say it only takes 15 mins to charge it via throwing.

Probably wouldn’t play nice enough to make you want to use it over a decent regular yoyo; which might just make it a chore to use as a power pack.

Cool idea, though.

I think so.

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A very Wise man gave me 5 pieces of advice toward the pursuit of Happiness.

  1. Never date a girl that has a ‘property of’ tattoo on her neck.
  2. Never buy a Prius unless you have very low self esteem and you like it that way.
  3. Never set yourself up for heartbreak by buying a fixed axle yoyo and thinking you will get better than Ed.
  4. Never buy a yoyo solely based on how well it fits in your pocket.
    And… 5. Never buy any yoyo that even resembles the looks of a Rev-G. It doesn’t matter what it can do, it’s gonna Suck…

Thanks for posting this! Super interesting to think about.
I’m pretty skeptical though, since the concept has one major downside. The quality of a yoyo (one aspect, at least) depends on how long it spins, or keeps its momentum. The less energy it loses to friction, the longer it will spin. This completely works against the quality of the charger, as the charging speed increases with how well the yoyo dissipates energy. You can’t store energy in the rotation of the yoyo and still have it transfer a decent amount of energy to the battery.

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It might work as a looper. Responsive yoyos need some resistance in their bearing to respond properly, and looping would generate a lot more energy than throwing sleepers.


YEAh this kickstarter vid is definitely spending its money on the models and not the product.