Changing side effects on a One Drop

I’m wanting to throw some spike side effects on my Yellets. Is there a good place to learn how to replace and add side effects?


A 6-minute video?

They’re press-fit. You push them out either side (it’s a firm fit, but they’ll pop out!) then you press new ones in. They’re probably not going to be “all the way in” from thumb-pressing, so you screw them together for the first time, with possibly a bit more torque than you’re used to with non-SE yoyos (so I hear… I think it’s obvious when you can’t turn any more…) which pulls them the rest of the way in.



Yep, pretty much this^. Press the old ones out. Press the new ones in. Once you screw it together they’re in their. The o-rings only purpose is to hold them in during the first assembly.

Awesome! Thanks!

I believe that’s Brett’s video. Yes, you gave a basic idea of how to do it, but the video gives tips and more details on how to maintain them etc…

It just says a bit more about what they are, if they need maintaining, how to keep them in good service, and the tips on changing them. Plus its brett, so he is very descriptive.

Someone put together a 5 minute video that essentially said:

I use 2 drops of YYJ thick lube and 1 drop of YYJ thin lube when lubing my Loop900 bearings because “it was too difficult to type that”.

A 6 minute video to thoroughly show how to handle side effects is therefore perfectly fine, especially for a new yoyo’er like Jake from Kendarded.

BTW: Jake, I’ve been trying to contact you since you want to do larger events and I have a very large PA. I was running sound at CalStates and that was a small system.