Newer stuff I have been working on. The first and third combo are very new, probably less than a week. Let me know what you think and thanks for viewing.


Amazing, i have always taken your videos as a huge inspiration i love thses tricks and i love how your style is slower but more interesting, bynthe way song?!


Thanks, I never knew that you liked my stuff that much, means a lot. Glad that it is inspiring as well. I still love my speedy stuff but I have taken a slower approach to creating new tricks for some odd reason.

That is a RZA song that Hand Freeman used at worlds but I am not one for rap so I took out that part and made an instrumental version with the hook. I couldn’t find the instrumental WITH the hook or even a good quality instrumental so I had to make it and upload it myself.


Nice throwing dude. Always a pleasure when you post a new vid.


Thanks. Another will be coming out very soon. Hope you enjoy it as well.


WELL, that was just FANTASTIC.

That wasn’t sarcasm.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #7

This was great, :slight_smile: keep up the good work ,man.


I like your cat ;D


Thanks guys.

@YoRED-I like her too, hehe. She is very nonchalant about the yoyos.


Mad skills. That chopsticks gyro flop was sick.

(Alex Fairhurst) #11



I feel that i dont even have to comment on your throwing anymore, you amaze me man. the fact taht you made those combos up in a week is crazy. and my cat goes nuts when i throw. hahaa


That video was pretty great! Got a new fan/subscriber here.


The last three tricks are not really new, just the ones before that are very new. I haven’t ever hit my cats before and they are just extreamly mellow. Good to hear from you as well.

@-Alex Fairhurst, that last video you put out is sponsor worthy. You’re just getting too good too fast, ha. Hope I can see you at another contest again.

(Khent G) #15

You’re too good!