The forum has changed.When i first signed up here everybody had a problem and we could help them and us :slight_smile:
But now we just hang out and do this for fun.
The reason is gone :-X :frowning:

Not everyone has to have a problem. If someone haves one, we’ll help. Simple as that.

What do you mean?
Now we just hang out here?
We still help people, but after a while you of being here you get used to it and feel like you’re hanging out and having lots of fun. Is that what you mean? We still help people if they need help, go look at the tricks section for a bunch of question marks… :stuck_out_tongue: We all answer the questions to the best of our abilities, not just in the trick section, whenever someone asks something.

Yes you are right.You get used to it with the time

I guess. It used to be, but now, mostly its a hanging-around place.

Do you mean for me or generally.