Center Trac on a YYF Genesis?

I don’t know whether this should go in the help forum, or here in general, but I feel more comfortable with it being here.

has anyone gotten one of them and compared them to a genesis with the center trac? are improvements noticable?

I can do most tricks up to expert part 1. but I still have problems throwing straight at times… so I’m thinking about getting one and switching things out. or buy a couple of one-drop 10ball bearings(of which, I have yet to experience).

The improvements are hardly noticeable.
The bearing won’t fix your throw, just the string.
Just practice with a flat bearing, it’ll help you in the long run.

I think you already have a good yoyo so stick to the included bearing first. After a while you’ll get better and would not need a center trac bearing. In my opinion it would keep the string centered so will help a little. You should practice to throw straighter

Geneis + Center-Trac = Good yoyo.

but is not totally necessary. Go with what you feel.

i use a center track on my genesis, work great.
it may not help you for getting a constant straight throw, practice will help way better.
bearing will only give slightly more stability mid-trick.

if i had a genesis i would put one on. once i was using my DNA and the spec bearing was in it and somehow the bearing could only spin one way so i couldn’t throw a breakaway. so i had to order a center trac. they have improved my yoyo!!!

I think Miggy uses a Center Trac on his Genesis. I’m not saying that means anything, but it is his signature yoyo. I guess I just assumed it may come with one out of the box since the 888x does.

No it doesn’t.

i think it is some special editions that come with it

i just put a cleaned AIGR bearing in my genesis and the amount of silent/smooth win is astounding!