Center trac bearing

I put center trac bearings in all my yoyos cause it makes less vibe, less wobble, and smoother. Just wondering if there was anything wrong with that or if other people do something similar, like putting KKs in all their yoyos or 10balls in all their yoyos.

There is nothing wrong with changing bearings.


You have to modify according to what is right for you. Every yoyo that I buy, I always leave the stock bearing in for awhile, to see if I like it… say like a week. And if I don’t Then I switch to a kk or sometimes a center trac. In my experience I usually get better balance and maybe 10-15 seconds more spin time when I use the concave type on undersized throws with avg weights of 65 to 67 grams. On heavier throws like 69 to 70 grams I find flat bearings to work very well because of the added momentum the heavy yoyo offers.