Cement Dust

Just some fun.


Pouring it was the best.

Hmmm, too bad he didn’t wear a dust mask. Poor Noah. :’(

The weird part was that we weren’t planing to do that. We just found a bag of it and he told me to dump it on him from the second floor. I did.

Hope your parents weren’t planning on building a walk or setting posts or something.

The city was planning on making a ton of new houses but that got canceled a year ago everything was abandoned.

…So who owned the cement dust you wasted?

Nobody did. It was left there along with the building. Surprisingly that was only a little less than half of the bag.

Ummm, it’s not really a good thing to breath cement dust. Causes all sorts of problems, in case you are thinking of doing it again. What the heck kind of town do you live in that allows abandoned construction sites to exist like that?

A stupid messed up weird town full of losers.

I live in Thailand. Soooooo that should explain a lot. :slight_smile: Next time we do it he’ll wear a mask. Oh, and Jayo (or what ever your name is) If you don’t have anything good to say about my videos than please don’t post stuff. Thanks.

If you live in Thailand then how come it says U.S. on your profile dude?

Asking for suggestions for the next drop? That’s just begging for trouble!

The reason it says that is because I’m only living here for a few years.

Oh so you won’t wake anything but absolute praise for every single thing you put up.
Nice try, but that ain’t gonna happen in life. Ever.

Moving on.


Ok I give up.

Your stunt was really stupid and could have lasting effects on his health, or he could’ve been seriously hurt, yet you are surprised at the negative reactions you’ve received. Next time just drop the concrete block and be done with it.

Thanks. :smiley: