Has anyone gotten there

Has anyone gotten there Civility yet???

Nope, not out yet.

Fixed :slight_smile:

It appears the are done. The requests went out earlier today for people to say what they want for those who contributed at the appropriate levels.

I’m requesting a raw one. I’m hoping it’s a good grinder and the surface is blasted. I’ll be taking photos of it as soon as mine arrives. I expect this to be around next Monday.

I got a purple one!

I thought the survey was to determine numbers of colors to order. If they arrive Monday, awesome; but I don’t think it’ll be that soon. And I don’t think the raw is blasted. “Right off the machine,” as Adam put it. I thought about ordering the raw, then sending it to mullicabob/england1414, but I want to see how their blast comes out. Plus, I’m tired of waiting for this thing!

I have the same feeling.

If it’s late, it’s late. I paid for this in January, so the money is spent and gone so it’s not like it’s impacting my ability to buy other stuff. I guess I’m too patient. However, right now I’m riding a mild high due to having fixed an amplifier, so the money saved there reduced my stress level tremendously. (Like, around $4000 worth of stress) and the other repair might only be around $500, because I need to swap out a module. Plus, unless it’s something I urgently need(of which yoyos rarely are in this category), I can be very patient.

I am hoping the “raw, right off the machine” one is blasted. I’m debating also looking for an anodizer who will simply do it CLEAR, no splash, splatter or anything.

England1414 can do that. He charges I think $20+Shipping.

I’ll hit him up later if I remember. I’ll probably be gone from the forum when this item arrives.

Update: Reading the “updates”, I think the answer is as follows:
They have received the units from the machine shop, are taking color orders and it should be another month. So, we’re looking realistically the end of July.

Now, I know anodizing doesn’t necessarily have to take that long of Evan from Toxic Strings can do Summits overnight to have them back in time to be boxed and carried to CalStates. However, I do not know anything about who their anodizer is, so I will not comment on the length of time because I do not know that shop’s workload.

Considering I had to wait 3 months on repair parts only to hear “Oh, just contact this place to order parts”. The part that infuriated me was that this information could have been done on a quick email response or a fast voicemail response and I could have had the parts SOONER.

Evan’s overnighter for Summits was nothing less than heroic. No company does anodizing faster than a week on a regular basis.

No kidding. Ano jobs are no easy task. I swear, the summits were a conspiracy and OD and CLYW used a magical time machine to let Evan anodize them all in like a week and THEN send them to cal states. True story…

Im getting red :wink:

I’m all about that transfluxcapacitor and mr coffee.