Cell Phone Case

Hey guys, I recently got a Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago and Its awesome! The only thing I dislike about it is the fact it feels fragile compared to my old HTC Sensation. I’m asking the community, What cell phone do you have, and what case do you have on it? I’m looking for a case for my S4 but an otterbox defender is pricey in my opinion, so also suggest some cases similar to it.

Thanks guys!

I had an iPhone 3G, and after one fateful day of angering me, I destroyed it, case and all. All it had to do was “LET ME ANSWER THE PHONE” and it wasn’t even doing that, so it had to die. However, when I’m gonna lay a beat-down on a phone, no case is gonna save it.

All this really did was move up my timeline to buy new phones by a week.

I now have an iPhone5, and it’s in this OtterBox case. I have a habit of dropping phones(I think I may have some sort of motor issue, I drop stuff sometimes, it’s starting to bother me, but I might just be overly dramatic). The phone is fine. The case also comes with a holster of sorts and the phone can snap in one of 4 ways and the holster can rotate, so it works really good for me. I really don’t have to remove it from the holster to use it either. I also situate it in my pocket so the speakers are aiming up and the phone itself is in my pocket, held in place with the holster clip outside my pocket.

This Otterbox case does bulk up the phone, but that’s good for me. As-is, many cell phones feel too small to me.

Considering I paid just under $50 for it, and my wife’s case and screen protector cost a hair more and hasn’t protected her phone worth a crap(and she had to replace the case as it broke), I say I came out ahead.

Everyone with a IOS device in my family has a OtterBox.

They are amazing! But, can get dirty so don’t get WHITE RUBBER. White plastic is fine but the white rubber turns black and brown and dirty and so on…

I find the iPhone 4S and 4 cases of super poor design and quality. But the newer ones are nice.

My iphone 5 otterbox broke in less than a week… maybe it was defective.

I have an S4 too. I have an Incipio case on it right now. It was only $20 and hasn’t failed me yet. Everyone in my family has an S4. My dad has a OB Defender case and my brother has an OB Commuter. Both are too rigid foe my tastes, but work very well.

All I suggest is that you get a 2+ part case - silicone rubber insides + hard plastic outer shell.

I have a habit of playing with little thing sticking up in corners, so i broke 2 cases by picking at them. Btw I have an ipod touch 4. Now i just don’t have a case, and I havent had one for about 2 months and it is still fine (miraculously)

Nope, they’re terrible, and insanely overpriced.

OP:  My friend has this case,


Thin profile and good looking. More protective than an Otterbox.

I’ve had 3 of them on my iOS devices and stand behind them100%, best case I’ve ever owned.

Seconded. My friend used one to listen to music underwater.

Dumb. But fun.

Yeah life proofs are good. But again, don’t get one with the White back…

All these iPod iPhone cases breaking. I drop mine daily and it’s perfectly fine.

The ipod4 OtterBox had extremely cheap and thin rubber resulting in rubber tearing and plastic cracking.

I guess the Ipod5 OtterBox is the best out there so far lol xD…

My life proof has taken a beating. And my phone is fine. I’ve taken pictures underwater with it. My little sister had dropped it down our stairs. And everything’s fine.

I have an iPhone 5. I use life proof…

Carved and grovemade cases