I ordered a celestial by Diamont Noir, and I was wondering if anyone had anything good, bad or anything to say about it really.

looks cool lol thats about all i can say

I’m planning on buying the 5A version, mostly because of the weight and I want the counterweights that come with it.

76 grams. good luck.

Sounds painful…

I thought it was 69.8 grams like it says on the site.

I played with one, but I just wasn’t impressed. It is great for 5A, but there is better, cheaper throws out there.

The 5A version is significantly lighter than the 1A throw. 1A is 76 grams.

Not sure about the weight. He said 72g in his review, but yye says 76.

I played it and I didn’t think the weight was an issue, I actually like it (the weight).