I’m curious if anyone has met any famous people, and if so, what happened during the meeting.  Last night, I met one, and I didn’t even know who he was.  I can’t tell you why I stood out to him, gotta keep that part under wraps, but I can tell you the rest of the story.

I was working, sitting in my car, and a black limo pulled up next to me at a red light, and the rear window rolled down.  A guy, who seemed nothing flashy, poked his head out the rear window and told me to stop sleeping on the job.  >:(  I said, “I’m not sleeping, I’m looking down at the computer.”  ;D  I was on my Ipad looking at Yoyoexpert.  He asked where I was from, and I said, “here.”  I asked where he was from, because I heard a southern drawl.  He said, “Louisiana.”  So, he complimented me on my smile.  :-[  Then, I asked why he was in a Limo.  It didn’t seem he was dressed for the Prom, and he looked kinda old for the Prom.  The limo didn’t even seem that new, but what do I know about limos anyway?  He had some male friends in the limo putting two cents in here and there, and one had a huge afro.

So, I asked if he was a rapper or something, cause I love rap music.  But, I know those artists well, and he didn’t look familiar.  He said, “No.”  I asked if he was famous.  He just kinda smiled.  All this happened while he was stopped at a red light, and the taxi driver behind him was growing impatient.  I was parked.  So, I said, come on, who are you?  I couldn’t gauge it, he was not flashy, and his hair was kind of a mess too.  :-\  Finally, he said, "Football, the NFL. " I said, Oh, I don’t watch football at all, but what is your name?  I might watch now.  He said, #22…New England Patriots.  I told him that he was very nice, and told him I’d look him up and have a good night.  I almost turned into a groupie and asked for a photo, but I thought better of it, cause it was hard to get all groupie without knowing who he was.  I was busy working all night last night, and just now, I looked up #22 Patriots.

It was this guy…what a cool dude, down to earth, and very cute southern drawl too.  I think he must have been coming from one of the many clubs in the area.


I met a few other people, and one that stands out is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.  He said hello to me at a Red Sox Baseball game during the World Series.  I was standing in the aisle when he walked past.  I froze up like a groupie.  ::)  I barely said hello back, and I’m ashamed of that one.  I should at least get some photos with these people.  Steven Tyler looks much better in person too, very down to earth guy.  Jerry Springer and Ben Affleck were at the same game, but I had no interaction with them, they were just walking by and sitting in the stands.  :smiley:

You guys met any nice celebrity types?

Last summer I went to Disneyland with the Fam and while in California Adventure Larry the Cable Guy was filming a Cars advert so I got to get my picture taken with him. He was very friendly always trying to spend “One more minute with the people” While the film crew kept trying to pull him away.

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It’s cool when they end up being really nice. I have to get my camera ready for these things…a few missed opportunities. Post the pic if you still have it.

Vanilla Ice, Mickey Mantle, Rick Honeycutt, Tony Dorsett

Oh, and Nelly and Murphy Lee. They asked me for a 'rillo.

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Vince Vaughn sat in aluxury booth right above me for a whole cubs game. vs Boston :smiley: btw, stevan ridley is quite a good running back…

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My friend got married recently and she was in Charleston, SC taking her wedding portraits when Bill Murray walked up lol. the photographer took a few pictures of them, it was pretty cute.
Me personally, I’ve met a few people, few athletes, few actors, 3 presidents. The one that probably stands out the most was Bill Clinton. He was super cool and talked to me for a few minutes. You might not like his politics, but he was very chill as just a guy talking to me.

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I know Michael Card but he’s not really a “celebrity”, but well known in Christian recording artist’s circles.

My girlfriend and I were eating at Olive Garden in West Des Moines one afternoon when Shelly Fabrares walked in with an entourage and sat down at the next table but we didn’t actually talk to her, just exchanged smiles.

I actually met and chatted with Harry Chapin after a concert in 1979 or '80.

I realize most of you youngsters probably don’t know those people either but that’s the best I can do.

Navythrow - Three presidents? Wow! Congratulations. You are correct, regardless of politics it is an rare privilege and honor to meet a president. I’ve met our governor a couple of times but he’s been governor so long half the people in Iowa have.

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I’ve met a bunch of the Carolina Hurricanes team from a few years back. Played hockey with/against quite a few of their kids over the years.

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3 Presidents? That’s cool. I have to admit I would have liked to meet Obama recently. He was in Boston visiting a church for the victim’s of the marathon bombing. When he came to town, everyone was waiting in the streets, thinking they were going to get a glimpse of him even. The Secret Service had a tent set up, and they were running around with their ear pieces and suits on. The question was, which door of the church was he going in, the back, or the side. I did not even get a peak at him or the car riding by…nothing. I will say that the scene was amazing when he arrived though. Hellicopters were flying overhead looking for any and everything that didn’t look right apparently. The streets cleared entirely like tumbleweed could blow through there. He did not make a move, and if someone was spotted on a balcony, a roof or anything, everything was at a standstill until they moved. He arrived at that church, made a speech, and left, without being seen by any of that crowd. It was amazing, just the scene when he arrived and right before he left. He came and left, and the only people who saw him were inside that church. I didn’t see him at all, but I was amazed at the before and after…because I never saw anything like that. You see on the news when the President is flying around making speeches and all that, but it is crazy when you see some of the preparation involved to keep him safe.

I think part of Bill Clinton’s success, was because he seemed like that Ivy League, educated guy you could talk to or chill with. A guy who made mistakes and appeared human to the rest of us. He was an interesting guy, a musician, plays the horn and all that. I’d rather chill with him than any other President I’ve seen in my time.

This spring break, we went to California and while at Universal Studios, we met Jay Leno.

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I’ve met a lot of falcon players, Jeff foxworthy, jace Robertson.

My Family and I happend to be in Santa Rosa last summer stopped at Guy Fieri’s restaurant for dinner. And he happend to be there when we walked in and he took us to our table. very cool and down to earth dude.

I had wild boar ribs that day, it was the special, I’ve never had wild boar before. :slight_smile:

I met Winne the pue at Disneyland

I met bill nye the science guy. Very cool, friendly guy. Also a few fairly famous authors.

I met micheal Phelps he lives in MD and our swim team got to meet him he’s a nice dude but lacks socialization from other people due to practicing a ton.

Hmmm… Well, Im pretty sure I met Bill Nye, I also no a guy who saw and ate lunch with Stan Lee at comic con. The same family is a family friend with the short dude from Pirates of the Caribbean. I know ive met a few players for the Detriot Tigers too but this all happened before I can remember.

But thats an awesome story TotalArtist!