Cascade Vs. Code 1 Vs. 54!!

Which is best? I’m trying to decide what to get for my birthday in a month.

There is no best.

I don’t have a Cascade secured yet, but I soon will. I have a Code 1 and a 54. These are all dissimilar yoyos and as such all play vastly different. If I had to pick between the Code 1 and 54, I’d say Code 1 all the way. But, why do I say “Code 1”? Because based on my preferences, that’s the one I like the best, and therefore for me, it is the best. For you it may not be the best, but then again, it could be.

Try before you can commit if you can. I am loaning my Code1 to theroybit while he goes out of town for a few days so he can really compare it to his Code 2. I’ll get it back Thursday or Friday.