Cascade Vibe?

Okay, so the other day I received a OD Cascade from this other website. When I took it out and strung it up, it was dead smooth and vibeless. But then when I got a knot and unscrewed it and re-screwed it, it has hints of vibe. I had followed Brett Grimes’s tutorial on the Side Effect maintenance; by screwing the yoyo together until it is tighter than you usually tighten a yoyo (not side effect enabled yoyos). I tried to ‘tune’ it by switching sides of the side effect, but it just won’t work. I also don’t have V4M, so yeah. HELP!!!
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One Drops are by far some of the smoothest throws thanks to the SE’s, try switching out the bearing, checking to make sure your throw isn’t the culprit, and rotate the side effects with some trial and error.

Yeah, I had the same problem with my Cascade. But I found just rotating worked best, as stated above. Shoulnd’t take long before you will find the sweet spot.

Mine also started off smooth. Got vibe 2 weeks in. I switched out the bearing and it went back to smooth.

Try screwing it together different amounts. Some need to be tightened more than others. My Dietz needs to be fully tightened to be smooth. My Code 2, however, barely needs to be tightened at all.

Wildcat has the right idea. Just keep playing with the tension and you’ll find the right amount to get rid of the vibe. My cascade is the same way and I’ve found that nearly all of my SE yoyos have this same, minor issue. Due to the extra parts involved they just require a little extra care when taking them apart.

just keep playing it… i assume you havnt broken in the 10ball yet. once its broken in clean it and lube it that usually takes care of any vibe in my OD’s

I am really surprised to hear you say that about side effects. My experience has been the exact opposite with my OD 54. Just for example I really baby my expensive yoyos. I always keep a plastic tooth pick around in my wallet to get knots out of my expensive yoyos but on my 54 I will just hold half of it in one hand and with my other hand flick it hard so that it spins apart on its own, yank the string out and screw it back in with a flick and then tighten it down. I’ve done that countless times without any of the tender loving care I always give my non-SE yoyos. I also have alternated between 3 different sets of SEs many times. This 54 is still as smooth as any of my CLYWs.

Never unscrew metal throws unless you need to clean bearing, change response, etc.

Over time, it can give throws vibe.

On the first unscrew though? Weird.