Carnival Mix.

I have put together a series of yo-yo tricks that I call the Carnival mix. First I do the Ferris Wheel (world tour), then land a man on trapeze to go into Slingshot (like in ocean city)(Eli hops), after a couple of those bad boys I pop it over to do a one matrix revolution (a twisty-ride) ,then do a one-and-a-half mount to start the roller coaster (buddah’s revenge[yo-yo trick]) and finally after a few go-rounds on the roller coaster you end with a really cool flippy-thing I made up that fits at the end.

The flip thing at the end is a side-ways brain twister that you can do from the on-and-a-half mount.

Sounds like a great combo-trick.

Can’t wait to try it :wink:

The Slingshot ride in Ocean City isn’t there anymore. A person died on it so they made it illegal to build them or have them anywhere in the USA.

That’s crazy I had no idea! I always wanted to ride it :frowning:

same! My brother went on the one in Ocean City, but I chickened out

So… um… 1 to 10 (10 being best 1 being worst) how well did I do explaining this? I want to know if I should try and teach people how to yo-yo.

I’ll give you an 8. Pretty good. It was a little confusing at the Buddha’s Revenge part because there is a trick called Roller Coaster (which you probably knew).

At least and 8 – lose points for “Flippy thing at the end.”

you should make a tut for it so it’s easier to learn


Yeah I did the “flippy thing” because I was actually describing it to a non-yo-yoing friend and didn’t know how to tell him without confusing him.

I should. I could get my bro. to film or something. ehhhhhh… maybe