Caribou Rendezvous Two

So proud to be able to support such an incredible team! Thank you for all that you do!

Filmed/Edited/Directed by: Charles Haycock


Ayumu Harada
Zach Gormley
Alec Cambell
Andrew Maider
Petr Kavka
Micheal Kurti
Mark Mangarin
Harrison Lee
Alex Berenguel
Jensen Kimmitt
Chris Mikulin

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Such a great video. In my opinion, best team right now.

Soooo gooooooddddd! Great job! You guys are awesome! :slight_smile: so much skill and flow concentrated into one group. Awesome video! :slight_smile:

they should do like team meets where each company sends like 5 players as a team to yoyo competitions. then, the team with the most points wins. kinda like a track meet but you know. with strings and more metal :wink:

You support yourself Chris?
Jkjk great vid. I wish there were more yoyo team vids out there because that was epic

Petr is dope.

This is the truth.

Seriously. Especially that trick at like 1:20… That trick’s just… wow.

What about chuck? You didn’t say his name!!

holy cow, what is that trick on 0:39?
And nice video & team!

Yess he did…