Card houses

 Happy delayed new year all.  But anyway, do any of you ever build card houses?  I got back into it yesterday, and I was wondering if my record is good.  I've done six stories (layers, whatever you want to call them).  Of course I was using pretty sticky cards, but it still counts, right?  ::)  Anyway, just wanted to hear from you guys.

I have done two stories before and I don’t really do it often. In my house, they last about two seconds before someone comes through the room (it doesn’t matter what room) like a hurricane.

I rarely get beyond three stories, but I only use bicycles in excellent condition. Something fun to do with a deck outside of sleights and blackjack drills.

I have gotten 3 stories, then again my card houses are a little bit different.

Aren’t the good condition ones harder?

I think so, but I don’t like messing around with ratty decks.