i got bored so i made these.... things

sorry if i did something wrong its my first time posting pictures. a lot of them didn’t turn out the way i wanted them to, but tell me what you think.

COOL make a full deck of cards like that one. That would be cool

yeah i need to send it in to a place but I’m a little short on spending money right now :frowning:
but i assure you i will get it done! :smiley:

those are some pretty epic pics

thanks! ;D

If you need anybody to test those cards for you let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, ok! depending on how much i costs to make them i might sell them for maybe just 1$ over actual price.

Arapamia FTW!!! :smiley:

made that after watching a special episode of river monsters!

Yup, i love river monsters. My fav is the Lost Reels one where there plane crashes.

yeah after seeing the lost reels i made the picture! I’m surprised he still flies in planes, id be scared out of my mind!