Carbon Fiber Yoyo

what about a carbon fiber yoyo with side effects,
if you could distribute the weight right, and the side effects had enough heft,
with enough r&d im sure it could be done. advantage is it could be massively oversized like a dreadnaught or h5xchief, and still play like the floatiest undersized.

imo even w/out the se’s, it would be only to be used to the best effect with 4a.

but ever since ive had the illest protostar with what look like carbon fiber weight rims ive realized… pretty much carbon fiber anything is cool.

The issue is it’s still backwards. Not that I’m aware of Carbon Fiber densities, but I would assume it would be lighter than the aluminum. If that is the case the entire center of the yoyo is going to be aluminum while the rims are going to be lighter than the center of the throw.

The PHENOMizm is okay because the rings are away from the center. The plastic is so light compared to the bronze rings that it works wonderfully. ;D One could also make similar comparisons to YYJ’s various bi-metals where some have weight rings off the far rim.

I have a PHENOMizm and it is one of my favorite throws. The middle weighting, for me, gives a lot more control and maneuverability. I’ve preferred it over DMII.

As others have mentioned, I’d believe that carbon fiber yoyos would not be cost effective. Special edition throws that are made because they can be? Okay, I’d love to see some. I’d also be curious to see the