Carbon Fiber?


i know i just made a why bimetal? post that turned into a what if? post pretty suddenly. but i started thinking.
What if somebody made half of the body with carbon fiber? carbon fiber is mixed with plastic resin or something to keep the strands together. how about metal? maybe molten metal would evaporate the strands? maybe if it was manufactured in vacuum or a space without oxygen? i dont know i did like 2 minutes of research. i got that carbon fiber costs similar to aluminum, there is a version of my idea using ceramic instead of metal and my science teacher told me the first light bulb used tungsten instead of carbon. (wikipedia says otherwise).

so. think its possible? think its producable? or simply unfeasable and hypothetical at best?


Carbon fiber yoyo’s have been made before. It looked cool but didn’t play well. :-\


Look up S. Kon’s carbon battler. Pretty much exactly what you are thinking.

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Ive heard that carbon is nearly impossible to perfectly balance. I know in RC helis and multirotors, carbon fibre blades were the WORST for being out of balance and required quite a bit of time on a blade balancer to fix em up.
I cannot imagine a CF jojo being any different.

Also (im not 100%) i am pretty sure that one of the worst jojos of all time was made from carbon fibre.

(found it!)

looks pretty tho.


It makes great card clips. Yoyos, not so much.
I got one name for you, Rev G.

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The issue with carbon fiber is its lack of form-ability.

It works best if kept in flat forms, but yoyo designs requires large amounts of bends.