Cappicino (hope i spelled that right)


hey did you see the coffee M1 on how much do you guys think it will cost?
please im thinking of gettin one

(JonasK) #2

First off: Cappucino

And yes it does look really cool. Vendetta hooked One Drop up with the guy that does the finish. It is a very manual and custom process so they will be VERY limited and expensive.

Addment: Read here:


if the m1 fades cost around 80 most likely 100 at the very least probably more and theyre going to be VERY limited


i think they’re gonna be $85-$100
but that m1 looks nice

(Shisaki) #5

It should be arounf $100-$115 because it’s very hard to be able to make that look and much more complicated to make then a fade so it should be more than a fade.


I believe they are calling it the Expresso not the Cappucino





At John’s yesterday he showed me some cool camo paint and ano on some Yoyojams.

That looks awesome.