Can't decide which RSO: Sushi, Ti Mini Bowl or The Martian

Hello guys! I’m going to buy my first titanium yo-yo and it should be RSO. I can’t decide which one should I get from these three: Sushi, Ti Mini Bowl or The Martian. If you play some of them please describe your play feelings and help me to decide… Btw Sushi looks super cool, but I am a bit scared if I don’t like the shape of it…


What made you scale it down to these three?


The possibility of acquiring. I’m in Russia and it is difficult for me to get new yo-yos because of these messy times in the world atm… These three I can get from the stores with shipping to my friends in other countries and then they can ship it to me in Russia…


It really depends on what you have in mind in terms of use/play.

The sushi is very unique and I love the customization of weight with the side effects, caps, and rubber rings. Feels good in the hand but the shape isn’t something most yoyos are like.

The ti-bowl mini is a fun very capable throw which feels great in the hand and on the string. It can be zippy or flowy depending on how you want to push it.

Haven’t purchased The Martian yet but in Elvins write up it is compared to the gravity and canvas which I do own and love. The gravity is one of my top yoyos. If the martian plays remotely similar to the gravity and clyw canvas as stated I would pick that one just based off my preferences.

Side note…I love them all and you can’t go wrong with any.

Hope this helps in your decision.


I’ll just add, I’m obsessed with my sushi. It gets alot of play time :innocent:


As a first Ti get the Martian. Or the mini Ti bowl if you prefer undersized throws. I wouldn’t recommend the Sushi as a first Titanium.


I’d say TiBowl Mini if you want a really nice conventional yoyo but Martian if you have played with side effects and want to change the weight distribution around.


Finally got around to playing with my RSO Bowl Mini Titanium. I love this thing. It is gorgeous. It is a nice compromise between size and playability. It is compact without being tiny, with proportionately standard dimensions, yet with a fairly standard weight, so it feels “normal” despite its smaller size and is great for home or travel. Nothing will beat a full size yoyo for power and stability, but it is great as a travel carry and I still enjoy playing with it at home … it feels so good in the hand.